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Here is a satellite view that shows island Orlando.

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City Coordinates: 28° 32′ 18.008″ N 81° 22′ 45.251″ W


Orlando is a small town in Florida, but it is well known for the fact that one of the Disney World amusement parks is located next to it.
The city’s population is just over 200,000, and Florida itself is called the “retiree state” because of the tranquility that springs from every city (except for Miami of course).

The city is divided into several neighborhoods, which are called “town homes”, and everything is green, tidy and clean of course.
In Orlando, there are dozens of lakes and dozens of alligator signs, so be careful. 🙂
One of the most prestigious neighborhoods where there are mansions for millions of dollars is called Winter park. Life seems to have stopped there. Everything is so peaceful that you even wonder if sometimes there are people in these huge houses with pools and large yards.

We can say that although Orlando is a small town, there are plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants where one can try out all kinds of cuisines and drinks.

Although Orlando is located in the middle of the state, it’s an hour’s drive away from the world famous beach – Cocoa Beach and a whole bunch of other beaches along the east coast.

Let’s go back to the amusement parks. There are 17 amusement parks in the city (people obviously love to have fun), 7 of which are in the top 25 of the largest ones in the world, something quite impressive for a city with just over 200,000 inhabitants.

And yes … almost 5 of them are in the top 10 on a global scale. 🙂

Orlando points of interest

If you are visiting Orlando, there are several places that you should visit:

  1. Orlando Museum of Art
  2. Madame Tussauds Orlando
  3. Titanic The Artifact Exhibition
  4. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida
  5. Universal Orlando

Now let’s talk about some of these attractions in Orlando:

Magic Kingdom

The world’s largest amusement park. Visited by an average of 20 million visitors annually. Many things can be seen in the park, from Cinderella Castle, through Pirates of the Caribbean, to Tom Sawyer Island. There is much to be seen, and the closing of the park in the evening is impressive – unique fireworks in the sky.
We recommend that you spend about 2 days visiting the park to be able to tour all the attractions.


This is Disney’s second largest park in Orlando. It is visited by almost 12 million people a year, and its territory is nearly twice as large as that of the Magix Kingdom.
The park is dedicated to the science and achievements of man, being divided into two parts – “World of the Future” and “World Exhibition”.

Sea World

Sea World is another theme park. A combination of sea zoo gardens and amusement park. Here you have dozens of amusement trains and at the same time you can see hundreds of marine species, some of which are endangered species and can only be found in this amusement park.

There is a dolphinarium (it is logical), seals, killer whales, sharks, and another marine inhabitants. It is worth coming!

Disney World

Without doubt we cannot talk about Orlando and not mention Disney’s first and oldest amusement park. It’s a work of art, and you can see every one of Disney’s characters in it. Of course, it is also among the top 5 most visited ones in the world, with an average of 14 million people per year.
Surely you need at least 2 days to view it because you need to wait for hours for some attractions even if they have the so-called “Fast pass”.

It is a good idea to plan every single attraction accurately and if possible to visit the park outside weekends and holidays.

Orlando is a small town, but extremely interesting with its amusement parks. That’s why hotel prices are not the cheapest (millions of tourists come here every year) but it’s worth every dollar surely!

Useful information Orlando

Currency: United States dollar (USD); 1 ЕUR = 1.1269 USD (not fixed)

Business hours: Banks, retail outlets and government offices are open from 8 am to 5.30 pm. Many of the malls remain open until 10 pm or later.

Websites for Orlando: http://www.cityoforlando.net/

Emergency phone numbers:

Police: 911

Fire Brigade: 911

First Aid: 911

What do you need to know?

Post Office

You can visit the working hours of all post offices in Orlando here: http://www.postallocations.com/fl/city/orlando

Telephone codes

Country code: +1 – international phone code of Orlando

Orlando code: +407


120V, you may need an adapter for your electronic devices.


The are a lot off pharmacies in Orlando. You can also find the information about the working hours here: https://www.rxlist.com/pharmacy/orlando-fl_pharmacies.htm

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