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Here is a satellite view that shows island Phuket.

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City Coordinates: 7° 52′ 49.613″ N 98° 23′ 32.1″ E


Phuket Island is a piece of paradise located in Thailand, Asia.

The island is probably one of the most popular destinations in East Asia, attracting tourists with its beaches, nightlife and unique hotel complexes.

The total area of the island is 540 sq.m..

The largest city on the island is Phuket Town, which has also one of the most famous markets all over Thailand. One of the most famous beaches is Patong Beach.

Patong Beach features a very wide and long sandy strip and its nightlife thrives more and more every day. You can find many restaurants, cafes and nightclubs on Patong Beach.

Among the more famous beaches are also Laem Singh Beach, Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Nai Harn Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Kamala Beach and many others.

Phuket is a true paradise that is surrounded by turquoise blue waters, uniquely fine sandy beaches, green palm trees and beautiful scenery.

In Phuket, you can find some of the best restaurants in East Asia with varied cuisine and nightclubs can offer fun to every visitor.

We can say that the local people are extremely friendly and hospitable and they will offer you whatever they can with a smile to make your vacation the one you dreamed about!

The island itself and the surrounding area are made up of limestone rocks that rise high in the sky. The most famous island in the vicinity of Phuket is “The Island of James Bond” or actually the rock that was shot in the James Bond movie – Tomorrow Never Dies.

Actually, the real name of the rock island is Khao Phing Kan.

Phuket island

Phuket points of interest

If you are visiting Phuket, there are several places that you should visit:

  1. Phang Nga Bay
  2. Big Buddha
  3. Night markets
  4. Wat Chalong
  5. Koh Panyi

Of course, we have to say a few words about Patong – the most famous and largest resort of Phuket.

In this resort, you can find some of the best nightclubs and bars.
We have nothing to add about the beaches except that they are one of the most beautiful in the world!
You can see everything else by yourselves. 🙂

Here’s some useful information to keep in mind if you’re traveling there:
1. Asian culture, and especially Thai, suggests that you take off your shoes before entering the home of your hosts. This is a basic rule and it is important not to forget it!

  1. In Thailand, as in some other Asian countries, it is not acceptable to touch the head of the people near you. Even if it is with entirely friendly intentions.
    This is because it is considered the cleanest part of the human body.
  2. We recommend that you drink bottled water. As on almost every island, tap water is not for drinking but only for washing and bathing.
  3. Like any other country with predominantly Buddhist population, in Thailand, Buddhist monks are not allowed to touch women even through their clothes. And women, in turn, greet by lightly bowing their heads and smiling.

Useful information Phuket

Currency: Thai Baht (THB); 1 ЕUR = 35.372 THB

Business hours: Every bank open every Monday – Friday from 08.30 am – 03.30 pm except some branches especially those in the department stores open daily from 10.30 am – 07.30 pm.

Pubs and bars open at night from 08.00 pm – 01.00 am but some bars are also restaurants so they may open from 10.00 am – 02.00 am.

Websites for Phuket:

Emergency phone numbers:

Police: 191

Fire Brigade: 199

First Aid: 1554

What do you need to know?

Post Offices

Opening hours: 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday-Friday. 9am-noon Saturday.

You can learn more about the post offices in Phuket here.

Telephone codes

Country code: +66

Phuket code: +76


230 V and 50 Hz and you may need an adapter for your electronic devices.


You can learn about Phuket pharmacies here.

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